Laser Eye Services

At Perfect Vision, we carry out a very thorough examination of your eyes to assess their overall health primarily, before we consider any refractive procedures. At your initial consultation, you will see a team of experts including our Orthoptist and renowned surgeons who will take various scans of your eyes, measure your vision and prescription as well as take a microscopic view inside the eye.

We recognise that no two sets of eyes are the same, so we customise the consultation for every individual providing you with one of the most comprehensive eye examinations available. Our surgeons take the time to discuss your procedure options with you and address any questions that you may have, to provide you with a full understanding of what we can offer and how we can correct your vision, for a life of freedom without glasses. The service also extends to our patients seeking cataract surgery and general ophthalmic care.

Perfect Vision is Sydney’s leading laser eye surgery specialising in a range of laser eye procedures. We are the only accredited iLasik provider in Australia, and we guarantee that your experience with us will be first class.

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iLasik™ combines the revolutionary technology of femtosecond laser flap LASIK, with 3-D mapping, precise measurement and computer-guided lasers, to correct your vision.

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Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is recommended when a patient’s corneas are abnormally shaped, have a fragile surface, or are considered too thin for iLASIK™.

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Monovision uses laser correction technology to correct presbyopia, the age-related condition that generally requires patients to wear bifocal glasses.

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Implantable Contact Lenses

We have an extensive range of the most technologically advanced Implantable Contact Lenses available, which are used in non-laser surgery treatments.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

Ideal for patients who need several pairs of glasses, for close reading vision and for far distances such as when watching television or driving.

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Perfect Vision patients are treated using the IOL Master®, which allows the specialist to take the fastest and most accurate measurements possible.

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Myopia, which is commonly known as short-sightedness, causes sufferers to experience difficulty focusing on distant objects.

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Long-sightedness is a common vision problem, affecting a quarter of the population. People with hyperopia have difficulty focusing on objects that are up close.

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Presbyopia is a very common condition in people 40 years and over and occurs as the lens loses flexibility and becomes less able to change its shape to allow images to come into in focus.

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Astigmatisms are caused by an irregularity in the shape of the cornea or lens in the eye. Symptoms include blurred vision and at times even headaches and eyestrain.

Commitment Program

Here at Perfect Vision we have an immense amount of faith in our surgeons to provide excellent results. We believe that our surgeons provide treatment that lasts long-term, resulting in patients maintaining excellent eyesight for years to come. We want our patients to be as happy as possible with the results and intend to help them maintain the best possible vision for as long as possible through our commitment program.

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With over 40,000 successful procedures, Perfect Vision is the only laser vision correction clinic in Australia to truly combine expert surgeons, world-leading technology and personalised service for your treatment.