Is Laser Eye Surgery Safer than Contact Lenses?

Many people choose contact lenses over any laser treatment with the belief in mind that it’s a safer and more practical option.  However, studies have proven that this may not be the case and that refractive laser surgery could be a much more reliable option.

Most people, including optometrists and surgeons, thought that contact lenses were normally one of the more risk-averse treatment methods for eye conditions like myopia, hyperopia or astigmatisms. This is because compared to refractive treatments it’s minimally invasive. Contact lenses are considered an easier option with less likelihood of having any detrimental side effects because there is no surgery required. Nonetheless, choosing an experienced surgeon and the right technology means that patients have less to worry about. Generally speaking, refractive treatments are relatively low risk.

Studies have found that:

  • Contact lens wearers are twice as likely to encounter eye related problems compared to those who undergo laser eye surgery.
  • 77% of contact lens wearers who underwent laser eye surgery were strongly satisfied with the treatment up to 3 years following.
  • 88% of individuals who wore glasses and then had laser eye surgery were strongly satisfied with the treatment 3 years after its completion.
  • 4/5 patients are suitable for refractive procedures including iLASIK or PRK. There is more than one laser eye surgery treatment available.

Many contact lens wearers do not realise the associated risk of contact lenses which includes infections, abrasions, corneal ulcers and dry eyes. All of these risks have the potential to compromise sight and even result in partial or complete vision loss.

For those that undergo laser eye surgery, they are preselected based on their overall eye health and candidacy for treatment. This higher amount of scrutiny sees to it that risks are greatly avoided. The high success rate and little complications from laser eye surgery would suggest that it’s worth considering compared to contact lenses, which has twice the risk of eye related problems.

If you’re considering either contact lenses or laser eye surgery you should know how each treatment method can benefit you.