Is Lasik surgery safe during pregnancy ?

Lasik Treatment During Pregnancy - Perfect Vision

Pregnancy is one of the most challenging yet overwhelming stages for every woman. The real joy of a woman begins when she comes to know about the delightful news of upcoming baby. Both mother and baby need personal care and attention during the pregnancy so as to ensure safe childbirth. During pregnancy, women experience various physical, emotional and hormonal changes. Moreover, women can also experience some changes in vision such as nearsightedness, dry eyes or others. This is where women may think about laser eye surgery. But, is Lasik surgery safe during pregnancy? If you are a pregnant woman and wondering the same, then this handy little piece of article is for you.

Though Lasik surgery is a common procedure for which you do not need to stay in the hospital for long or to be put under anesthesia, but still, pregnant women are not considered to be the right candidate for Lasik treatment. There are more than just a few reasons why pregnancy and Lasik surgery is not a good idea as changes in hormone and corneal pressure due to fluid retention can lead to wrong specifications and prescriptions. When the hormonal changes will get back to normal, women will need to adjust prescriptions accordingly.

Proper result is what you would expect after the completion of vision correction surgery, but if you go for such treatment, while pregnant, you may not get the best results. Fluctuation in vision during pregnancy may lead to under-correction or over-correction that would surely not be a desired result.  During the laser eye surgery procedure, women would typically experience dry eyes and receive antibiotic drops and a sedative beforehand, which would be absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence, this is again not a good idea when you are carrying an unborn child.

Even after giving birth, the body’s hormonal state continues to change. This is the reason why, it makes sense to wait for a few months before you consider having laser eye surgery. To be absolutely sure, seek the advice of your medical advisor or ophthalmologist first, so that you can come to know when it will be safe to go ahead.

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