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The Specialists and support staff at Perfect Vision Laser Correction are the most qualified and committed in their field. Our Principal Surgeon is highly experienced and respected in the field of ophthalmology and with the aid of the latest technology, assure you the best possible results for your vision. Having undertaken rigorous specialty training with a focus on laser eye surgery, to ensure their skills are second to none, we at Perfect Vision guarantee that you are in the best of hands.

Dr Allison Chiu -Perfect Vision Laser Correction

Dr Alison Chiu is a general ophthalmologist and specialist refractive surgeon and leads Perfect Vision Laser Correction’s laser eye surgery division. At Perfect Vision, Dr Chiu focuses only on laser eye surgery to ensure she achieves the best results for her patients.

Obtaining her medical degree from the University of Sydney, and graduated with First Class Honours, before completing a PhD with the Faculty of Medicine and completed her Graduate Diploma in Refractive Surgery. Whilst other surgeons have become specialised in Refractive Surgery, Dr Chiu is actually academically trained and qualified, not just sub-specialised.

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She completed her Ophthalmology training at Sydney Eye Hospital, during which time she was the Senior Registrar at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. She then undertook further Fellowship training at Macquarie University Hospital, before practicing across Sydney as an Opthalmologist.

Public Hospital Appointments

Dr Chiu currently works across Sydney, including Bankstown Hospital and has previously worked at the Sydney Eye Hospital, Concord Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and RPA.

Academic Appointments

Dr Chiu has been a Senior Clinical Lecturer and tutor for the University of Sydney for over 3 years, and has in the past conducted formal and informal education of ophthalmology registrars, junior doctors, medical students, and other allied health staff.

Academic Achievements and Publications

Dr Chiu has presented research papers at international scientific meetings, published papers in peer-reviewed journals and contributed a book chapter. She received research scholarships awarded during PhD studies, including overseas studies at University College London and Cambridge University. Over her career, Dr Chiu has received numerous scholarships and awards for international conference oral presentations.


Commitment Program

Here at Perfect Vision we have an immense amount of faith in our surgeons to provide excellent results. We believe that our surgeons provide treatment that lasts long-term, resulting in patients maintaining excellent eyesight for years to come. We want our patients to be as happy as possible with the results and intend to help them maintain the best possible vision for as long as possible through our commitment program.

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With over 40,000 successful procedures, Perfect Vision is the only laser vision correction clinic in Australia to truly combine expert surgeons, world-leading technology and personalised service for your treatment.