Commitment Program

Perfect Vision Commitment Program

At Perfect Vision Laser Correction, we stand behind your results because we have confidence in our surgeons, and in the stability of our patients’ long term results. Our intention is to help you maintain the best possible vision throughout your life with Perfect Vision Laser Correction’s Perfect Vision Commitment Program.

Perfect Vision offers you a unique lifetime commitment plan for your treatment. Contact us to find out more.

Am I eligible?

The Perfect Vision Commitment Program applies to all Perfect Vision Laser Correction patients who have undergone a laser vision correction procedure as their primary treatment at one of our clinics.

What is not covered?

Cataract and Lens procedures or any other eye related conditions not associated with the original laser vision correction are not covered by this program. Speak to a consultant about your eligibility or to find out more: Phone 13 13 40.


As Australia’s leading provider of laser corrective eye surgery, Perfect Vision has paved the way for improving patients’ quality of life through the use of medical technology. Such advancements has seen a drastic reduction in the commonality of glasses and contact lenses throughout the world. In January 2008, Perfect Vision became the first Australian practice to implement the revolutionary iLasik laser eye surgery, and Perfect Vision remains the only practice on the East coast of Australia to offer this specific treatment. Amongst a number of advantages, the iLasik procedure is not only bladeless but specifically designed according to the individual needs of each of your eyes. While the benefits of iLasik surgery are innumerable, its most important characteristic is that it frees patients from the worry and costs associated with glasses and contact lenses.



iLasik corrective laser eye surgery is offered at Perfect Vision in order to allow patients to utilise the latest technology to improve their vision problems without sacrificing the utmost care for their safety. The best thing about iLasik laser technology is that it is completely bladeless. At no point during the procedure will patients be faced with a blade or needle of any kind, and in this treatment, these kinds of incisions do not need to be made in eye tissue. This means that, for iLasik surgery, the potential for damage and error in treatment is greatly reduced from the outset.



At Perfect Vision we do much more than perform medical treatments. Our commitment is to your perfect vision, for life. We are able to offer you this assurance due to our confidence in the technology we use, the procedures we perform and most importantly, our doctors and professional staff who lead you through the entire process. Our success relies on your satisfaction, so we’re not happy unless you’re happy, and most importantly, we’re only happy if you stay that way.