6 Useful Eye Care Tips To Consider This Summer


Eye Care in Summer - Perfect Vision
There is an array of skin care products on offer which can keep your skin protected from the dangerous UV rays, but what about your eyes? How can you protect them this summer? Here are some useful tips which will help you keep your eyes healthy for years, if not for ever:

1. Use Ultraviolet Protection Sunglasses: When it comes to eye care, sunglasses should be the first thing that should be taken into consideration. However, not just any sunglasses would do. You will need to find the ones which provide complete protection against UV rays. There are numerous options on offer, that too from world renowned brands. So you can find the ones that suit both your style and budget, and keep your eyes protected at the same time.

2. Use goggles while swimming: Pool water has a lot of chlorine, which can cause irritation in your eyes. The best way to avoid it is to wear goggles not just while swimming at the pool but oceans as well. These protective eye gears would also protect your eyes from contaminated water, thus saving your from eye injuries and abrasion.

3. Wash your hands at regular intervals: By doing so, you will be able to avoid certain eye related problems which are communicable in nature. Conjunctivitis, for instance, is one of those diseases that spread after touching another patient of the same disease who has rubbed his eyes. You should, therefore, avoid rubbing your eyes as well, especially if you are suffering from conjunctivitis or have had a laser eye surgery recently. This will not only save you from further complications but avoid the spread of infection to other people as well.

4. Cover your head with hat: Eyeglasses cannot provide complete sun protection to your eyes as they have gaps all around which can expose your eyes to harmful UV radiations. Wearing a wide hat can provide extra bit of protection and also save you from a type of skin cancer that affects both lower eyelid and corners of the eyes.

5. Start taking care of your eyes at a young age: Most of the people realize the importance of eyecare when it’s a little too late. Starting early is the key when it comes to protecting your eyes from sun’s UV rays. Not only should you protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun but your kids as well. Inculcate the habit of wearing sunscreen and sunglasses in them from a young age because their ocular lenses are not as developed as adults’, thus making their eyes more vulnerable to UV light.

6. Drink water frequently and eat healthy food: This piece of advice may rather come as a surprise to you but nutritious food can keep certain age related eye diseases at bay. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, E and zinc. Also drink plenty of water every day, especially during summers which will prevent drying out of eyes.

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