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Perfect Vision surgeons have performed over 40,000 successful iLASIK procedures as well as countless other refractive surgeries. We combine the skills of expert surgeons with world-leading technology to provide a truly personalised service that is second to none. Learn MoreContact Us

Why Choose Us?

Perfect Vision has achieved 4 consecutive years of nil non conformances and nil recommendations against ISO 9001:2008 The international Quality Management Systems standards and against The 10 National Quality and Safety Health Service (NQSHS) Standards.

The Perfect Vision surgery and clinic is the only accredited day surgery in Australia offering iLasik.

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Improvement in the quality of your vision

After iLASIK surgery, your vision should improve immensely. Giving you the ability to focus on close and far away objects with the same capacity as anyone else. We aim to provide long-lasting results for all patients.

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No glasses or contact lenses

It’s likely that you’ll be able to do away with any glasses or contact lenses you once owned with your improved vision making them useless. iLASIK surgery is the most successful form of refractive surgery out there.

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Achieve 20/20 vision

Our goal at Perfect Vision is to improve your vision by as much as possible. Ideally, after iLASIK surgery, you’ll be able to achieve 20/20 vision, which is considered normal for most people.

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Cheaper than glasses

Depending on your age and the price of your glasses it’s entirely possible that laser eye surgery could cost less in the long term. It’s estimated that each adult replaces their glasses every 2-3 years, iLASIK is a long-term solution.

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No blades

iLASIK surgery removes any need for a blade in the procedure. Using 3D mapping technology and precise lasers instead, the procedure involves no cutting with a blade whatsoever. Perfect Vision’s innovative technology is extremely safe and reliable.

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Perfect Vision offers payment plans

Perfect Vision offers flexible payment plans for procedures so that you can leave with improved vision, but worry about paying for it later. Offering interest-free plans and extended payment plans that are tailored to your needs.


Ready to bid goodbye to your glasses? LASIK is the most common form of refractive surgery – and one of the safest procedures out there.

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World-Renowned Surgeons
Using the Best Technology

Perfect Vision is Australia’s leading iLASIK practice, so naturally we have the best surgeons in the business. Our practice specialises exclusively in laser eye surgery, with our surgeons having completed over 40,000 laser vision correction operations.

Our world-leading technology and practices have resulted in Perfect Vision being the only accredited day surgery in Australia to perform NASA-approved iLASIK. We are dedicated to giving our patients the best possible experience and committed to delivering the gold standard in laser-vision correction.

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Our Doctors

We have the most qualified doctors in Australia who are committed to the health of your eyesight.

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Our Technology

We pride ourselves on having innovative and effective technology that make us the most reliable and proficient laser eye surgery source in Australia.

Commitment Program

Here at Perfect Vision we have an immense amount of faith in our surgeons to provide excellent results. We believe that our surgeons provide treatment that lasts long-term, resulting in patients maintaining excellent eyesight for years to come. We want our patients to be as happy as possible with the results and intend to help them maintain the best possible vision for as long as possible through our commitment program.

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With over 40,000 successful procedures, Perfect Vision is the only laser vision correction clinic in Australia to truly combine expert surgeons, world-leading technology and personalised service for your treatment.

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