Winter Wearies: Tips for Eye Care in Winter

Tips for Eye Care in Winter

It’s easy to neglect our eye care habits when winter roles around. Whilst that scorching summer sun may not be beating down as heavily upon our faces and eyes, other factors like indoor heating can still dry out our skin! So, let’s be kind to our eyes, and maintain a strict routine all year round.

The first thing to remember in your mission towards seasonal eye care is to prevent eye dryness. If you already suffer from Dry Eyes, do not let the guise of winter fool you into thinking you can take a break from your eye problems. Use artificial tears to keep your eyes moist, and try not to spend excessive amounts of time near heaters – a common catalyst for eye dryness!

So it’s grey and drizzly outside – I don’t need sunglasses, right? Wrong. Wear sunglasses with UV protection even in winter. The sun can still damage your eyes regardless of the weather. If you’re at the snow take extra precaution – UV rays bounce off the snow and can hit you twice – so that’s double the danger. Wearing UV ray protection goggles will protect your eyes from the sun, as well shielding your eyes from intense winds and dry weather which otherwise reduces your eyes moisture evaporation.

This year’s winter fashions are full of dark, smoky eyes, eye-liners and luscious lashes. Practitioners advise that you don’t share eye make-up (at any time of the year!). Germs and disease can spread via eye make-up applicators, so save yourself the hassle of pink eye or any other nasty viruses.

Another winter tip to help you care for your eye is to get drinking! It is easy to forget to drink adequate amounts of water in winter. It is such as paramount in the colder months as the summer months to stay hydrated, as this can affect the level of moisture on your eyes!

Finally, get an eye exam, whether you’ve noticed changes or it’s been a year since your last check-up.

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