You Have to See It to Believe it: Restore your Sight from the impacts of Presbyopia

As the years go by, we might notice our ability to run, move, jump, hear and participate in any activity requiring a certain level of energy decreases significantly. Eyesight is simply another aspect of the process of aging; however, it does not have to be a cause of nuisance or distress, with plenty of options available to ensure you see as clearly as you did in your twenties!

Once we hit the roaring forties, the likeliness of developing a condition such as presbyopia – where focusing on close images becomes more difficult – is very common. This is because, as we age, the lens in the eye becomes less flexible and therefore it doesn’t focus light as well , thus causing blurred vision, especially when attempting to focus on a nearby image.  Symptoms of presbyopia can begin our twenties, although symptoms do not start until our late forties or fifties. The most obvious symptom is the progressive onset of obscured close vision. Other warning signs of presbyopia are squinting, headaches, a change in the amount of light needed to read, eye strain, and holding your phone and books further away.

When combined with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, presbyopia can be especially frustrating. Having to constantly remove or adjust glasses when you’re in a rush or trying to read something on your phone screen is no one’s idea of fun! Glasses and/or contact lenses provide a temporary solution, but do not bestow the same long-term confidence offered by laser eye surgery. Monovision treatments at Perfect Vision Laser Correction mean that Presbyopia is something you don’t have to necessarily worry about.

Monovision utilises laser correction technology in order to adjust each eye for a specific purpose; one eye is adjusted for close-up vision whilst the other is adjusted for distance perception, achieving ’blended vision’ (whereby the brain allows the distant and close images to be blended, hence replicating normal vision).

Perfect Vision Laser Correction offer a range of treatments for presbyopia, including iLasik surgery and non laser techniques such as Refractive Lens Exchange.

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