Fly Away with Perfect Vision: NASA-approved technology guarantees Rocket-Speed Results

Do you suffer from the daily struggle of trying to locate your glasses before heading out, hands overloaded with your daily essentials, only to find them on your head after 10 minutes of frantically tearing apart your house? Or perhaps you suffer from inflammation, foggy vision or dryness of the eyes when wearing contact lenses? Well, struggle no more; Perfect Vision has a solution to your woes – a solution that even NASA, the US Navy and the Air Force condone and support! So all aboard the ship to regaining your eyesight and rediscovering freedom!

iLasik surgery utilises advanced eye surgery technology combined with 3D mapping and precise measurement in order to guarantee a greater level of accuracy and safety.

Until September 2007, approximately 50% of all NASA candidates were rejected due to poor vision – their dreams of becoming astronauts destroyed due to uncontrollable circumstances. However, as of 2007, NASA – after considering the overwhelming evidence in favour of advanced laser eye surgery – changed its policy. Where before only applicants lucky enough to have naturally occurring 20/20 vision were considered, those who have undergone iLasik laser surgery are now able to pursue their dreams. It was the same story with both the US Navy, and more recently, the US Air Force. As the known advantages of laser eye surgery continue to soar, so too do the benefits of having this procedure.

If the fact that those who pilot aircraft, submarines and space shuttles trust the effectiveness of iLasik laser technology isn’t enough to convince you, consider the expertise and experience of the team at Perfect Vision in the practice of laser eye surgery.

At Perfect Vision, only the best technologies are used in order to ensure the greatest outcomes for patients. And with Perfect Vision being one of Australia’s premier practices that performs NASA-approved iLasik surgery in an accredited day surgery, you need look no further for the best available option.

Despite NASA’s approval, obtaining satisfying results through iLasik laser surgery is not rocket science. Laser vision correction with Perfect Vision is a painless procedure that takes less than 10 minutes per eye. In fact, most patients return to work the very next day!

Perfect Vision has over a decade of experience in treating more than 30,000 patients! So you know you’ll be in good hands.

To book your initial consultation with one of Perfect Vision’s specialists, head to and fill out a simple online form, or for more information call 13 13 40 and speak to one of the friendly staff at Perfect Vision.