Eat Better – See Better

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We’ve heard the age adage: you are what eat. This is generally taken to refer to weight; but your diet have a huge impact on multiple aspects on your health – including your vision.

The foods you choose to eat can be important players in a preventative battle against eye disease. That’s right, carrots, cans of tuna and eggplants could be the superheros that combat cataracts for you. So, what do you eat to prevent cataracts?

Before providing a definitive list of the super snacks you can munch away on to come to the rescue of a not only a grumbling tummy, but also your vision, let’s get to the core of why certain foods are beneficial to your eyesight.

The first piece of information we need to digest in order to understand just how what we put in our mouths affects the quality of our eyes revolves around oxidation. Oxidations basically involves nasty free radicals stealing electrons from healthy cells. These ‘free radicals’ roam the body, causing all kinds of damage and mayhem.  They are initiated by the inhalation various chemicals, pollution, smoking, UV rays and – you guessed it – processed, fatty, sugary and, in general, unhealthy or junk foods!

In fact, sometimes free radicals simply occur from the regular metabolic process; this means even those people who make a big effort to avoid introducing things like processed food and cigarettes into their bodies, still require the antioxidants in healthy foods in order to maintain a stable ratio of good to bad chemicals.

 So, why does eating healthy translate to a brighter future for our eyesight?

Well, put simply, if free radicals are causing damage to cells, then they are causing damage to those cells that support healthy vision. Free radicals attempt to steal electrons from other cells in order to stabilise; this process damages the membrane of the cells that are attacked, making them more susceptible to disease. As well as the increased risk of cataracts, the formation of lines and wrinkles are another indication of this oxidation process – yet another reason to fill the trolley up with healthy and natural foods on your next trip to the supermarket.

The vitamins contained in brightly coloured fruits, vegetable and whole grains are believed to decrease the risk of cataracts. This is because these foods contain vitamins A, C and E, as well as Letein and Zeaxanthin – the superheros in the combat with cataracts. Furthermore, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids (like fish) are thought to help prevent cataracts. So if you’re wondering to dish up for dinner tonight, why not cook up a delicious and healthy meal of fish and vegetables – followed by refreshing fruit salad! In the process of giving your tastebuds a delicious treat, you’ll be doing your eyes a favour too! It’s a win-win.

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