Regular Eye Exams: Important to Increase the Quality of Your Life

eye exam

Everyone should have an eye exam at least once a year, more so if you have diabetes or a history of diabetes in your family. During the eye examinations, doctors can not only determine if you require a prescription or surgery, they also check for common eye diseases.  An annual check up is recommended to ensure that you’re doing the best to protect your eyes and it can also help doctors anticipate other health issues. Continue reading “Regular Eye Exams: Important to Increase the Quality of Your Life”

Is Lasik surgery safe during pregnancy ?

Is lasik safe during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most challenging yet overwhelming stages for every woman. The real joy of a woman begins when she comes to know about the delightful news of upcoming baby. Both mother and baby need personal care and attention during the pregnancy so as to ensure safe childbirth. During pregnancy, women experience various physical, emotional and hormonal changes. Moreover, women can also experience some changes in vision such as nearsightedness, dry eyes or others. This is where women may think about laser eye surgery. But, is Lasik surgery safe during pregnancy? If you are a pregnant woman and wondering the same, then this handy little piece of article is for you. Continue reading “Is Lasik surgery safe during pregnancy ?”

Helpful Makeup Tips for the Women with Glasses

Makeup tips for women with glasses

Wearing glasses can make your vision clearer, but at the same time, it plays a major role in overshadowing the beauty of your eyes. Still, if you want to keep using glasses, wearing makeup that spotlights the beauty of your eyes makes an absolute sense. When you wear eyeglasses, it’s crucial to apply cleanly, defined and the ideal makeup. In this piece of article, we are going to shed some light on women makeup with the glasses. Read these tips, follow in your day to day life and see the difference. Continue reading “Helpful Makeup Tips for the Women with Glasses”

Visual fatigue, Digital fatigue & Ocular migraines

There are scores of people across the globe who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Many among them also experience certain vision related problems, which doctors believe have got to do more with brain dysfunction than anything else. Due to CFS, you may not be able to perceive the signals sent by the brain correctly, which can cause such a problem.

Eye Muscles function continuously while we are awake and indulge ourselves into a variety of activities. They get more strained during certain activities such as reading under dim light, watching television, working on computers, etc. This straining of eyes is termed as visual fatigue. More and more people are experiencing it these days due to change in lifestyle and work which includes computer work, gaming, reading e-books, etc. When you do not give your eyes adequate rest or break from these activities, you may start experiencing certain painful symptoms and can have an adverse impact on the health of your eyes.  Continue reading “Visual fatigue, Digital fatigue & Ocular migraines”

Ageing and vision related problems

Ageing and vision

As we cross a certain age, not only do we begin to experience a gradual decrease in overall strength and energy but also a steady decline of visual acuity. While some of the vision related problems such as Presbyopia cannot be considered as a serious disease, there are others such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy which certainly qualify as serious eye diseases. Most of these problems occur with age.

Presbyopia usually occurs in people who are over 40 years when they find it relatively hard to focus on objects that are up close. The reason behind it is the hardening of the natural lens. It is a progressive problem and requires reading glasses or laser surgery to correct the problem. Continue reading “Ageing and vision related problems”

The Key Differences Between LASIK and PRK

When it comes to treatment of certain vision related problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia , LASIK and PRK are the two treatments which top the list as they have proven to be very successful over the years. But if you were to make a choice between the two, how would you know which among them is the best option for you? Here’s a short comparison of these two treatments.

LASIK is basically a corrective laser eye surgery which has been developed to treat certain vision problems such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. The treatment involves usage of Excimer laser. This laser is utilised for the purposed of reshaping the surface of the cornea, a medium  through which allows the passage of light into the eyes. This treatment is performed beneath corneal flap created by a laser. Once this is complete, the flap is repositioned. Continue reading “The Key Differences Between LASIK and PRK”

Types Of Cataracts And Their Symptoms

Cataract is easily one of the most common vision related problem, which especially affects the older generation, irrespective of the gender or race. However, it can be easily treated with the help of advanced laser surgeries. But the question bothers a lot of people, is that when is the right time to go for cataract surgery.

Cataract does not cause permanent vision loss. Therefore, in most cases it is up to the patient whether he/she feels the necessity to go for a cataract treatment or not. If you are not experiencing any major changes in your vision, then you can afford to delay the treatment because it is neither going to hurt or damage your eye. Some people do not get it removed while others go for it the moment they experience glares or similar problems, especially when it affects their profession. Continue reading “Types Of Cataracts And Their Symptoms”

Some Real Effective Tips And Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

If you want to improve your vision without undergoing certain laser eye surgeries which are on offer these days, then here are some useful eye exercises for better vision which you may try to get the desired results.

Pencil Pushups

  • The first exercise involves making a dot on one side of the pencil and focusing on both the dot as well as the pencil while bringing it closer and then moving it away from you. This exercise can treat certain vision related problems such s double vision and strabismus.
  • Next, you need to hold a pencil and keep it at an arm’s length. Now concentrate on the dot on the pencil that you created a while ago.
  • Once your entire attention is on the dot, slowly bring the pencil closer to you while keeping your focus on the dot.
  • The moment you begin to see two pencils instead of one, just stop it right there.
  • Take a break by looking elsewhere for some time. You can also close it for a few seconds if you want.
  • When your eyes feel relaxed, start focusing on the pencil again. However, if you still see two instead of one, then you can extend your break.
  • Now slowly move the pencil away while keeping your entire focus on the dot.
  • Repeat the aforementioned steps and do it for 5 to 10 minutes regularly. If you perform these eye-pushups on a daily basis, you will experience an improvement in your vision.

Continue reading “Some Real Effective Tips And Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally”

Fix Astigmatism With Laser Eye Surgery

Astigmatism is one of the most common vision related problems that affects more than half of the human population to some extent. Despite the fact that it is so common, people often tend to misunderstand it. In fact, even medical students find it hard to come up with right answers. Some confuse it with strabismus, a condition which causes abnormal alignment of eyes. And then there are others who do not know that it can be treated with iLASIK laser treatment. What that basically means is that there is quite a bit of confusion surrounding this optical defect.

So let us first try to figure out what is astigmatism all about.
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