3D IRIS TECHNOLOGY: Not Just For Sci-Fi Films

Iris Recognition Technology-Banner

We mostly use our eyes to see people and other things within surroundings; however, now our eyes may serve another purpose – to be looked into! Advanced iris recognition technology is rendering our eyes as the best way to identify someone.

You might associate eye recognition systems with sci-fi films and high security spy agencies. However, iris biometrics is more commonplace than you may think –that’s right, it’s not just an element of fictional depictions of a far off future!Irish recognition technology works by identifying the unique patterns in the iris using specialised computer programming that allows these patterns to compare to millions of other images on a database – in mere seconds!

No, it’s not magic; rather, it’s biometrics: the science of using people’s unique physical features to identify them, rather than using created identifications such as drivers licences or key cards.  Another example of this is finger printing. Eye recognition systems are especially effective as no two irises are the same – not even those of family members or identical twins. It thus offers more precision than finger printing.

Indeed, Iris Biometrics seems to be the way security systems are heading. Airports and Government buildings in certain countries have already incorporated this technology into their security measures. It is now even being used for personal computers and smartphones, meaning you could have your own personal biometric identification technology (so need to worry about anyone guessing your passcode)!

There are many perks of iris recognition; it is a flexible technology that can easily amalgamate into current security systems, or can be used independently for advanced security. It is is also non-invasive as it is non-contact (unlike retinal screening).

Now that you know that your eyes are a crucial factor in the future of security, it is more important than ever to consider your eye health. Perfect Vision can help you with this! Call them on 13 13 40 or enquire online at http://perfectvision.com.au/.